Brand New Day

Written and performed By Mickey V and the Old Gits Blues Band

The story of a man on the edge: all his bridges have been burned, and escape is the only option. When there is no going back the only way is forward, and as he faces the dawn there is no way to know what the new day will bring. A scary but liberating notion!


Gambling Man

Written and performed By Mickey V and the Old Gits Blues Band

A tribute, if you will, to a man I knew who had it all but still wanted more. He ended up with nothing and died alone. Holidays in Cancun and Saigon one day: living on chips in a lock-up garage soon after. You can buy a ticket for this journey at any bookmakers, casino or scratch-card emporium. A true story and a cautionary tale!

Help Me

Written By Sonny Boy Williamson and performed by The Old Gits Blues Band

I cannot believe the notoriously misogynistic Sonny Boy was being serious when he wrote this. What kind of woman could make him cook and sew and mop the floor? More likely he took down the whole thing verbatim from some long suffering woman he lived with, about two hours before she walked out the door!

Fool's Gold

Written and performed by Sid Whelan

If you've had your share of Hard Luck and Throwin' Good Money after Bad, you'll know all about Fool's Gold.

Flood Waters Rising

Written and performed by Sid Whelan

When Katrina and Sandy don't just mean some good people you know, perhaps this Blues-ecology should concern us all.