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There are many ways to describe the Blues, but as Gary Moore (R.I.P.) said, ‘Everybody knows what it’s about.’ Life, love, loss, there’s no story the Blues can’t tell without touching somebody’s soul. It’s best described as an emotional roller coaster, taking on a journey of highs and lows of joy, fury and heartbreak.

This music has come a long way since its birth in the 19th century. Since then it has experienced a rapid evolution in form and style, giving us Rhythm ’n’ Blues (R ’n B), Gospel, Soul, and even Rock and Roll and Heavy Metal.

Without the likes of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters or Rory Gallagher we wouldn’t have Eric Clapton, Slash, the Rolling Stones or Louis Armstrong. As the great Willie Dixon put it, ‘The Blues are the roots and the other musics are the fruits.’


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What You’ll Find On All About Blues Music

Here on All About Blues you’ll find nothing but love and appreciation for this timeless art.
From woe to joy we celebrate the highs and lows that the Blues puts us through. Music is something to be shared with everyone, and we want you to enjoy every moment of its history with us as only true fans would.

Blues Showcase

Benny Turner

Having blues legend Freddie King as an older brother was a great way into a successful life as a blues musician. But for Benny Turner, the path to the top has contained numerous twists and turns before satisfaction was attainable. In other words, his life has been a lot like ...

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Bad Influence

Don’t let the dangerous name fool you. Bad Influence isn’t a blues combo your parents would be worried about you seeing – unless your folks have a problem with you having a good time. Bad Influence is a party band, the kind you might find playing a frat party or ...

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Larry Griffith

Bluesman Larry Griffith grew up with a wide range of musical styles calling out for his attention. He lists rocker Jimi Hendrix, jazz legends John Coltrane and Billy Strayhorn as inspirations, and cut his teeth musically around the likes of James Brown and Hank Ballard, while acknowledging the role of ...

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Ruzz Guitar

For anyone seeking a young, vibrant face on the blues scene who represents the dramatic changes taking place in a genre seeped in tradition need look no further than Ruzz Guitar. His deft embrace of social media and recent cultural trends can be a lesson to any blues artist struggling ...

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James Armstrong

You may not be a believer in fate, the idea that our destinies are linked to the whim of the universe. But James Armstrong’s journey in the world of the blues may well make a believe out of you. And if not, it will at least convince you that the ...

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Mike Zito

Mike Zito’s emergence as a force in the blues world is confirmation of how hard work, talent and drive can compensate for a rough beginning in life. The phrase ‘singing the blues’ is often used as a metaphor for crying and complaining about troubles in one’s life. But Mike Zito ...

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Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges

Any blues fan familiar with the tradition of the traveling guitar man, whose home is wherever he’s found a gig that week, should find much to admire and revere in Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges. Eugene is the 21st century version of the itinerant blues man. He’s a nomadic musician who, at ...

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Stevie Nimmo

Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, Stevie Nimmo’s guitar sounds as raw and emotive as any guitar player’s you’ll ever encounter. And there is sweetness and warmth in his tone as well as anger and regret. In other words, Stevie Nimmo plays the blues. And thanks to a near tragic ...

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Kaz Hawkins

The soulful blues-shouting mama is a time-honored tradition in the genre. And Kaz Hawkins seems on a mission to keep the tradition alive. Although the woman herself hails from Northern Ireland, she boasts a strong and resilient voice that comes straight from the Mississippi delta. And if the combination of ...

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Julian Sas

In one sense, it could be said that Dutch-born guitarist Julian Sas represents a bold new breed of blues performers. The fact that he hails from the Netherlands makes him very much a part of the international expansion of the blues. Home But for all his uniqueness, Sas is, in some ways, ...

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The Truest Blues Stories Around

Where the facts are concerned we do our best to give you the truth. We thoroughly check our sources and use only authorized ones to give you the full picture; to be more specific, we use at least two solid references (not Wikipedia).

Essential Albums

If you were to own only twenty Blues albums, these are the ones we think they should be.
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2017 Blues Albums

It may seem odd to consider this moment in time as a ‘golden age of the blues,’ but in some ways it is exactly that. Because of new technology, it is now possible to dive into the waters of a wide range of artists or entire subgenres of the blues that may have ordinarily slipped under everybody’s radar – except for a select few who may have witnessed the music in person.

So far 2017’s list of new releases feature mostly time-tested veterans who have nothing left to prove. And if you have any doubts about the blues’ enduring power, these new releases can make a believer of you.
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Guitar Lessons

Play The Blues
These free lessons will introduce you to the basics needed to play Blues Guitar. Lessons include Chords riffs and improvisation. Be the next Blues Star and start practicing today.
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Blues Tutorial

BHM (36)
This Tutorial “How The Blues Ruled The World” can be used as part of Black History Month, or as a teaching aid in any class room or lecture. The fully scripted presentation can be downloaded and customized.
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Blues Music Facts

Blues Music Facts

Discover all things that make the Blues so important to the lives of so many. This is the stuff you need to know.
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