Music Quiz Number 4

The Blues gets played on some strange instruments. Find out more in our latest Quiz, where even the wrong answers are all right!

Click on the answer you think is correct. Even the wrong answers might give you an interesting story!


Who switched from guitar to piano when his 'pinkie' finger was shot off?

Where was Skip James from?

What instrument did 'Shakey' Horton play?

Which Howlin' Wolf song did The Rolling Stones make a No.1 UK hit?

In which city would you find 'Congo Square', where music and dance was a tourist attraction?

Which record label put out T-Bone Walker's 'Stormy Monday'?

Who wrote 'Sweet Home Chicago'.

Which instrument did Yank Rachell play?

Who recorded 'Crazy Blues' in 1920?

Which 'supergroup' did Eric Clapton form after 'Cream'?