Free Blues Guitar Lessons For Beginners.


Play The Blues

These lessons include the basics needed when learning to play blues guitar. The lessons focus on the general use of chords, riffs, and improvisation. The exercises and examples are on a basic level aimed at beginners. This tutorial is based on material that comes from professional blues players, so this material and examples can also be used in a professional setting, in a concert or in the studio.

The blues guitar style is maybe one of the most popular styles when learning to play guitar. A simple form, and many repeating chords makes it easy to remember, and learning what to play without always looking at the paper is important, as blues is more about improvising, playing more intuitively. When you learn something new in blues, you know that you quite easily use what you learned in other blues tunes.

There is many ways of playing blues, but usually it is played with a guitar pick, and it does not require any special techniques to be competent. Of course, you can also use your fingers instead of a pick.

Later in the tutorial we will take a look at some techniques like vibrato and bending, which can be cool to use when improvising a blues solo.

Blues can be played on both acoustic and electric guitars.