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B B King - The King Of The Blues

B B King is renowned by many as the King of The Blues, this may be true but it does not mean that he was alone in the rich tapestry that is The Blues. Like all musicians he had many influences and in return he influenced many.

Below are a few of them.

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BBK Infographic

The History and the mystery!

When BB King was a young man, he went to live with his Uncle Bukka, who was a slide-guitarist in Memphis.

T-Bone's work, including his 1942 record 'Mean Old World', inspired BB King to play electric guitar.

'Blues Boy' King got his first big break playing a spot on Sonny Boy II's 'King Biscuit Time' radio show.

BB King said Peter was the only guitarist that “made the hair on his neck stand on end!”

Eric made his No.1, double-platinum, Grammy winning 'Ridin' With the King' album with BB King in 2000.

Joe opened a show in New York for BB King when he was only 12 years old.

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