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We hope you will enjoy our Newsletter. So much of what we take for granted in music over the years has it's roots in the blues.

Classic 12-bar country blues moved to the city in the black diaspora that accompanied the depression of the 30's, and as a result gave us urban electric Blues.

Soon there was jump blues, which became Rhythm'n'Blues, which then crossed over into Rock'n'Roll. Then Gospel got a taste of the 'Devil's music', and morphed into Soul.

Allaboutbluesmusic will explore what went on at the crossroads, and which innovators set of in these new directions.

There is no story without History. Rolling Stones fans need to know about Muddy Waters. Eric Clapton fans need to know where Robert Johnson was coming from. Even Punk and Grunge have definite roots in the Blues. It is known as 'standing on the shoulders of giants.'

We will try to give you the authorised version. The facts we publish here will be checked from at least two reputable sources (i.e. not Wikipedia). We will make mistakes, but we will debate them and research deeper and arrive at a higher level of truth.