New Cross Roads Blues Show


A new live music TV style show set in New Cross, London

Meet Live Bands, Blues Fans and your new favourite Host, "Johnny Deptford".

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“Welcome to downtown New Cross – the place where two mighty metal rivers meet – the confluence – the crossroads – here in New Cross the mighty A2 pounds majestically seaward and crosses, in a tumult of spray, flume and exhaust fume, the thundering A20 as it rises over the foothills of Lewisham before crashing onwards down thru the badlands of South East London on its own journey to the sea.

Come with us down these pounding New Cross Roads and meet the people who live here. They are doing the New Cross Gait – it’s the walk of life…. This ain’t no upwardly mobile freeway, oh no, this is the New Cross Roads…… tonight, for one night only, live in New Cross, we have real music played by real musicians to real people drinking real beer in a real pub, and here is your host, he’s dirty, he’s down and out in London, he’s the baddest pirate that ever sailed the up the Thames without a paddle, Here’s Johnny Deptford ”

Be Part Of The Show

Send a video of you playing the blues (No Covers)

Play your piece - or sing your song - write your own lyrics - no covers please! Record your piece and send it in via Facebook Messenger or email. We may need some contact details and pix - if you want to provide them - so we can tag you and wherever you are - so the world wide jam builds up."

Be the next host

If you want to introduce a band, tell a joke, ask Johnny a question - he is an agony uncle after all - he can solve pretty much all your problems - assuming your problems are water based, just record a clip and send it in to us via Facebook Messenger - we will use the best of these as the links in the show.