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Bad Influence

Don’t let the dangerous name fool you. Bad Influence isn’t a blues combo your parents would be worried about you seeing – unless your folks have a problem with you having a good time. Bad Influence is a party band, the kind you might find playing a frat party or down the street at a…

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The Royal Southern Brotherhood

New Orleans, Louisiana is often called the birthplace of the blues. It’s a claim disputed by a few music historians. But if nothing else, the Big Easy deserves a kind word for giving birth to The Royal Southern Brotherhood. The project began in 2011 as a germ in the mind of Reuben Williams, manager to…

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Kat & Co.

The Blues is like a virus, constantly regenerating and mutating into new forms, and virtually impossible to kill! Kat & Co is a distinctive collection of unlikely elements that blend to give today’s insight into a music that is 100 years old, centred around the confident, statuesque figure of Kat, who manages to combine the…

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