Black History Month Quiz

1. In the Blues, “blue-notes” are an important element to the melodies and sound, where do the “blue-notes” come from?
2. How did the American Blues become popular in England in the 50s?
3. The Blues was only performed by men?
4. Where did the first known Blues performers come from?
5. Which 2 countries or continents were important in the creation of the Blues?
6. What is the most important instrument in the Blues?
7. Nowadays, the Afro American music is often labeled “Rhythm and Blues”, but what was it originally called?
8. Who was known as "The King of Delta Blues"?
9. Muddy Waters pioneered what style of Blues?
10. Blues was in the beginning mostly performed by Black musicians, in which decade did it appeal to a white audience and white musicians?

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