Sometimes a band comes along and you wonder where they’ve been all these years. With superb rock-tinged guitar, funky piano and sleazy Blues harp, T-Belly make some fine music, but it is their vocal performance that grabs the ear and engages the spirit. Blues songs can compress deep and complex feelings into a few lines, but when they are projected with this kind of power and conviction, they can also open a door into a world of shared experience.

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The song “Respectable Man” is about: A call to be yourself and follow your own path regardless.

SAMPLE KEY LYRICS; “These are my things and this is my car, better whistle this tune cos its gonna go far, this is my time and this is my mind, you can say fine but you’re going blind”

T-Belly is a British Blues Band featuring singer, composer, producer, and keyboard player Russell Keene. Following a long career playing in pop-icons The Bay City Rollers, Russell pursued his musical interests by composing for TV and advertising, while leading his own band and touring as a side-man with The Pretty Things among others. Russell’s fruity vocal style is somewhere between Joe Cocker and Tom Waits, and he has gathered together some great young talents for his latest venture. Guitarist Ross Ian Lardner blasts out a convincing line in Blues riffs, and incidentally he is also a expert in acupuncture and Chinese medicine; backing vocalist Debs Bonomini is moonlighting from her rôle as leader of The Special Brew; and the young guns, drummer Kevin Magill and bassist Riad Abji form a solid but flexible rhythm section; with guest Al Richardson playing some atmospheric Blues harp.

Recommended Album

Dead Men Don't Pray

Recorded at the Brighton Electric recording studio and co-produced by Keefe and Paul “Win” Winstanley, Dead Men Don’t Pray was released worldwide via Cabin Music/ECR Music Group.

‘Dead Men Don’t Pray’ is the debut album from this band of experienced musicians, who achieve a powerful energy from their ‘live’ sound in the studio. Russell wrote all 11 tracks on the album, and he pours such a big helping of soul into his songs, there is no doubt that he is singing from the heart. From the Blues/Funk of ‘Respectable Man’ and the laid-back ‘Lie in the Desert’ to the slow, atmospheric ‘I’ll Get You Home’, the world-weary acoustic number ‘Broken’ and the lazy, swamp-piano shuffle of the title track, Russell puts the whole gamut of his emotions on show.