When the pretty 16-year-old Mary Rozella Bellard went to a dance in Lawtell, Louisiana to see Boozoo Chavis perform, it changed her life big-time. She was blown away by the good-rockin’ Zydeco music and was inspired to learn how to play accordion. That night she also met her husband Morris Ledet, who went on to play bass in her band, which was to become known as The Zydeco Playboys. A new phenomenon on the Zydeco scene grew from that single gig, and Rosie has toured The States and Europe as she lets the good times roll wherever she goes.

Recommended Album
All Killer; No Filler. Rosie nailed it on this album, which captures a dozen brilliant performances and she wrote them all except ‘Lady Marmalade’.


Within a few months of that fateful gig, Rosie was playing the accordion in fine creole style, and her strong, sensuous voice soon got audiences up on their feet. The band started playing mainly around Louisiana and east Texas, and they began a recording career in 1994. Eight albums in eleven years on the ‘Maison de Soul’ label established her as the ‘First Lady of Zydeco’, before she switched to JSP for her latest offerings. When she plays live, Rosie whips up a fever in the crowd as her sexy stage presence and suggestive lyrics, and the popularity of Zydeco with audiences who want to dance, means that her concerts are always a great occasion.

To give you some idea, you should really see this….