Chance Gardner

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Old School Blues from Chance and the band.

Bad Boys

Sarcastic comment on a band member proves that The Blues can be about anything!

I Like Your Guitar


Chance Gardner’s musical roots go back to his upbringing in Mobile AL, where he heard Gospel music in Church as a child,which seemed to soak into his vocal delivery and his guitar style. Like many of his generation, Chance’s ears were opened to The Blues by listening to Robert Johnson, and when he met one of Robert’s mentors, Son House, in person in 1975, the die was cast: he just had to play the Blues. After playing with Robin and the Hoods, Chance relocated to Boston, where he hosted Blues Jams at Harpers Ferry and Jamaica Plain for many years. Playing with The Gatecrashers and Chris ‘Stovall’ Brown, and sitting in with guests like Buddy Miles and Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy, Chance honed his chops, finally cutting some tracks with The Allston Brothers Band.

Chance and the Blue Daddies in Daytona;

In 1996, Chance took a big step and moved to Hawaii, setting up a base in Maui and forming his band, The Blue Daddies. Six albums in the next ten years won a slew of Rock and Blues Awards for the band, but Chance also began appearing as a solo acoustic performer, often playing a Dobro resonator guitar. In 2005, Chance relocated again, to Daytona FL, and again started hosting various Blues jams, and gigging with the Blue Daddies and as a solo artist. Finally deciding to get some of this down in the studio, Chance is currently finishing an album which will be available soon.