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Blues Artists - We have hundreds of biographies of the men and women that made the Blues what it is today.

ORIGINATORSRead about WC Handy, Ma Rainey, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Bessie Smith and Charlie Patton, who laid the foundations of the Blues.

PATHFINDERS Robert Johnson, Leroy Carr, Big Bill Broonzy, T-Bone Walker and Sonny Boy Williamson all opened up new directions for the Blues.

ELECTRIC BLUES - The Golden Age of Chicago Blues gave us Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Elmore James and Little Walter, and many, many more.

BRITISH BLUES - When Blues took a holiday in Europe, it returned to the States refreshed by players like Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Rory Gallagher and The Rolling Stones.

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We have hundreds of biographies of the men and women that made the Blues what it is today.No need to spend hours surfing the Internet - it's all here at your fingertips.

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Blues Artists

Son House, Ma Rainey, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Bessie Smith, Lonnie Johnson and Charley Patton were among the top blues artists who appeared in bars and ‘juke joints’ in black neighbourhoods to play Blues music during the first few decades of the 20th century. Itinerant musicians, from Texas to the Carolinas, would often play and sing in the streets to make a few cents. There were hundreds of these ‘footloose bards’ developing their vocal and musical styles, borrowing lyrics and tunes from each other in the lively creative chemistry of the oral tradition. For instance, the story of Stagger Lee was based on an murder that happened in the 1880′s, and the tale was told for many years in popular blues ballad form. Mississippi John Hurt recorded his version in 1928, and the song is still being played today by modern Blues artists.

Profiles of modern Blues artists, Blues guitarists and the top female Blues artists.

Interesting background to the music, facts and well known myths.

And of course lots of Blues Music online.

Find out more about your favourite Blues musicians like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Bessie Smith and More.

Learn about Blues Music History and The Origins of the Blues.

Blues History

The History and the mystery! Informative, illustrated articles about the history of the Blues explore the society and the locations that gave birth to the Blues; the technologies that enabled a local folk music idiom to become a world phenomenon; controversies like that caused by The Death of Bessie Smith, and much more.

Blues Calendar.

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Blues Quiz.

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