Boogie BillSinger and guitarist Bill Webb from Jackson MS was almost 30 before he made his recording debut in 1953 when he was brought to a New Orleans studio by Fats Domino. Dave Bartholemew produced ‘Boogie Bill”s single ‘Bad Dog’, and it had more in common with the music of his Delta heritage than the fast paced boogie that was coming out on the Imperial label at that time. Slow sales left Bill disillusioned, and he headed for Chicago to try his luck. He worked outside the music industry while playing the around the clubs, where he sat in with John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters and many others. Bill moved back to New Orleans in the 60s, where he was contacted by several folk/blues researchers and some of Bill’s music, heavily influenced by his boyhood hero Tommy Johnson, was included on a few  compilations.

'Boogie Bill' Webb Discography
Drinkin’ and Stinkin’ is the only choice, but is hard to find.


In 1989, Bill was contacted by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, and they funded the recording of an album ‘Drinkin’ and Stinkin’. The title track is about a woman who is more familiar with booze than bathwater, and this quirky, humorous theme runs through the album. It also has a version of Tommy Johnson’s ‘Canned Heat’, along with other old-time numbers, performed with Boogie Bill’s unique laid-back style.

Bill’s ‘Bad Dog’ (Sorry about the images- it was the only video I could find!)