Blues Music Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Blues with this quick quiz. The ten questions cover different types of Blues, traditional and modern.  What do you know about Chess Records, Professor Longhair and Chuck Berry?

Click on the answer you think is correct. Even the wrong answers might give you an interesting story!


Which 'King of the Blues' came from Texas?

Bumble Bee Slim's real name was?

Bumble Bee Slim

Why did Pinetop Perkins give up guitar and start playing piano?

Which movie told the story of Leonard Chess's record label?

'Meat Head Johnson' was the pseudonym of which great Blues pianist?

Big Mama Thornton was a great singer, but which instrument did she play on stage?


John Grimaldi took his nom-de-Blues from which make of car?

Which record label released Albert King's version of 'Born Under a Bad Sign'.

Albert King

Professor Longhair's real name was?

Which Chuck Berry tune did The Beach Boys steal for their worldwide hit 'Surfin' USA'?

Chuck Berry